The labyrinth of life

Image result for labyrinth churchAbout a week ago, I journeyed through my church’s labyrinth. The idea of walking this path, with intention–with pause–was intriguing.

…But it was also slightly scary.

As I began to walk the path, I tried to focus on my breathing. In….and out. In….and out.  Continue reading

When the heart wants what the mind doesn’t know…

For the last 11 years or so, I have sworn off religion. Where I live–in a rural and conservative community–this is kind of a big deal. To some, this makes me a bad person.

Image result for spiritualityAnd so, it is one subject that I normally do not talk about. I’ve had my ideas, my own way of doing things, and a husband who was in agreement–and that has been enough.  Continue reading