The unknown path

Our lives are a journey…an unknown path that we are traversing, daily, as we try to live our lives.

The idea that this path is known–not to me, but to a higher power–is new to me.

And yet, I cannot deny that the last year has been a series of choices that have continued to put me on a path towards growth and healing.

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Suspend your disbelief

This is the year of my spiritual awakening.

The year where my soul screamed out, aching for connection. The year where, despite my usual mutterings and logic, I dragged myself to church, looking for…something.

Something I have been pretty sure didn’t exist.
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When the heart wants what the mind doesn’t know…

For the last 11 years or so, I have sworn off religion. Where I live–in a rural and conservative community–this is kind of a big deal. To some, this makes me a bad person.

Image result for spiritualityAnd so, it is one subject that I normally do not talk about. I’ve had my ideas, my own way of doing things, and a husband who was in agreement–and that has been enough.  Continue reading