Daughter Detox Reflections, Part Two: All in the family

As the end of my Christmas break neared, I found myself increasingly pulled into Peg Streep’s latest book, Daughter Detox. 

Earlier I wrote about my reflections from Part One, with focused on discovering the power of attachment and maternal power. 

Chapter three focuses on the first part of stage two: Discernment.

Discernment relates to the way in which the unloved daughter can consider her family’s relational patterns, and chapter three looks specifically at family ripple effects…how did her parents interact? What was the relationship with her siblings like? Did she have any supportive people in her life? Continue reading

How to live with the quiet

14915638817_7696be8270_bI have a confession to make…I am not good at being calm and quiet. I am so used to living with a certain amount of stress and anxiety in my life that, as I have gotten better at managing these things, I am realizing I no longer know what to do with myself when it is calm. When it is quiet.  Continue reading