5 Things that Improved My Anxiety

I am not “cured” of anxiety–I have my ups and downs, and I probably always will. However, over the course of the last six months I have discovered some powerful things to help me deal and control my mood and stressors.  Continue reading

Getting healthy amidst the dysfunction

Every day, I feel my mind and my heart getting stronger. Every day, I realize that I am on a path to finding “me” and, finally, I have begun to enjoy this journey.

One thing I did not consider, however, is the way my relationships would change because  I have begun this journey. During therapy, my own family dysfunction has glared at me, and I have learned how to stare it down…and, believe it or not, I feel like I am winning.

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Ever heard of ’em?

I had..sort of. In the “Man, that lady has no boundaries,” after she nosed herself in my business, kind of way. Lack of boundaries–as I saw them BEFORE therapy–were seen as a lack of tact, a lack of filter, that sort of thing. And, while this is not necessarily wrong, I have been learning that there is a lot more to this subject than that. Continue reading