When it isn’t enough.

I have been writing about my emptiness for a long time.

There are days where the loneliness I feel permeates my very being. I feel it, and then I feel myself falling into a deep hole.

For SO long, I have grieved this feeling.

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A mighty struggle

Since I started teaching in August, I have been tackling a lot of triggers.It has felt very multifaceted…

It is related to the school where I am teaching–one that I actually attended as a child. It is related to what I went through. It is related to who I felt supported by–teachers–always teachers. It is also related to who I am teaching now, and how much I am able to help and support them.

Let me give you a hint…for my struggling students, the ones who remind me of me? Or the ones that have it way worse than I ever had it?

…I am never able to help them enough.

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