Winter needs to end

I am not built for winter.

It is an incredibly difficult season for me. I don’t know if it is the lack of sunshine, the limited amount of time outdoors, or a combination of all of those factors–BUT, I struggle with it every. single. year.

Right now, I really need a beach. All of the sun and sand and the melody of seagulls squawking and waves crashing in the background. It is my ultimate relaxation.

…But, a beach is not to be; at least, not until summer vacation.

There is hope. Spring is trying to poke her timid head out. For two days in a row, the weather surged in to the high 60s, almost topping 70 degrees. Grass is valiantly trying to turn green and the sweet tips of daffodils can be seen poking through the muddy ground.

It feels like hope.

Yes, there are still piles of snow 6 feet tall from the massive blizzard we had two weeks ago. There are catastrophic floods happening elsewhere in our state as the snow begins to melt and the rivers surge from all of the unexpected water.

But…even the smell of the damp earth feels hopeful to me.

Many things go to sleep in the winter–wrapping up within themselves to hibernate. Sometimes, I feel like my hope–my happiness–my ability to breathe–goes to sleep, too.

But, when Spring begins, it is almost like I am reborn as well.

Slowly, slowly, like the first little crocus–or maybe the later blooming tulip–I poke up through the earth, extend my face toward the sun, and BLOOM.

Right now, I need to bloom.

I felt the stirrings of hope, of the END of this endless winter over the last two day.

But today, the gray and the cold were back. The wind was bitter and a winter weather advisory was posted.

I need it to stop.

I need the sun.

I need to wake up.

To bloom.

I need to come back to myself..again. ❤


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