Mountains and Valleys

Highs and lows.

Smooth and bumpy.

That is life.

It isn’t a straight line.

It is a series of challenges. Holes in the road.

Holes that I fall in, again and again.

Holes that I learn to walk around and avoid altogether.

And then fall into once more.

It isn’t simple. It isn’t easy.

Sometimes it is hard and sad.

And other times, happy and invigorating.

Today, it is in between. I am better. I know this. Yet, I feel achy and down and full of sadness over nothing in particular.

I worry about things that don’t really need worried about. I feel guilt about things that I don’t really need to feel guilty about.

But I also know I am okay. Deep down. Somewhere in the hurting and aching and sadness.

It is a moment in time.

It is exhaustion, and tired muscles, and disappointment.

But, it isn’t forever.

It is just today.

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