I have always had insecurities.


From a young age, I learned to read the room–facial expressions, sighs (these were a big one), body language.

This skill helped me predict. Did I need to leave the room? Did I need to smooth over a potential problem? Did I need to apologize for my existence? This skill was needed. It was necessary.

At the time, it ensured my relative safety.

The problem?

I became hyper-vigilant.

As a child, life required that the switch–the switch that made me pay attention, protect myself, and perfect myself– be turned “on.”

But I never learned how to turn that switch off.

To this day, I read the room. Some might argue that this is a good skill to have–and I do not disagree. I wish more people could look at someone’s face and know that they are struggling. I wish that more people could develop the skill of empathy.

…My problem, though?

I have always imagined that, whatever is causing the facial expressions, the sighs, the body language…it is my fault.

If a situation got out of control, if a person got mad at me…these are all things I failed to control.

….or, at least, that is what I have always thought.

Lately, I am beginning to feel differently.

I am learning to trust my relationships.

If for example, I send a text message to a friend, and she does not immediately respond back, I am learning not to panic. In the past, I would assume I had done something wrong…I would worry, and worry, and overthink, asking myself: What could you have done to make her mad?!!

I still have this thought…but, immediately responding is another, more logical and gentle part of self that says, You didn’t do anything. People are busy. She isn’t mad at you. 

And, I am learning to believe this.

I am learning, despite all of the fear and worry, to simply trust in the process. To trust the relationships…to go with the flow, without always over analyzing and overthinking the situation.

I am learning to be more authentic–I am sharing my real feelings, without fear. If I love a friend? Guess what?

I tell them.

If I feel upset, I share. If I feel overwhelmed by anxiety or melancholy, I am learning to say, I am overwhelmed. I am not struggling in silence…but I am not feeling the need to constantly over-share, either.

I am learning, in a lot of ways, balance.

But, more importantly, I am simply learning to trust in myself. In my judgment. In my ability to love and form relationships. In my friendships. In my thoughts, words, and actions.

And, I am learning to trust the actions of others. If they show that they care for me, I am learning not to doubt it. I am learning to trust that, perhaps, this person can love me for who I am.

This doesn’t mean that doubt and the inner, critical part of my self don’t enter the picture. They do.

On a regular basis.

I am learning, however, to trust in the inner, gentle part of self. I am learning to call the other thoughts lies.

…And this trust? It feels a lot like growth. ❤

3 thoughts on “Trust

  1. DawnSeeker June 28, 2017 / 1:12 am

    “I am learning, however, to trust in the inner, gentle part of self. I am learning to call the other thoughts lies.”

    Good girl!!! It becomes easier — the more you override the nagging voice with that calm inner trust — you reset your patterns and reprogram your Life. It’s a moment by moment thing. When you find yourself failing, just change your thoughts, and reset again. :)) Dawn :))


  2. grace to survive June 28, 2017 / 4:28 am

    That ‘badness’ that cemented itself early on nags on into life needing banishment like sweeping the floors daily. Thank you for this… : )


  3. HerdingChickens June 28, 2017 / 9:45 am

    This is huge growth! Amazing!! I’m impressed that you have so much insight into the “why” of how you feel. One of our boys always had a mask on. He was a chameleon for whatever you wanted him to be. I don’t even think he knew who he really was after a point. He was always shopping for the next mom, the family that would give him more. It was really sad.


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