I have frequently seen the last year and a half as a journey… A journey through painful growth; a journey through traumas, re-lived and re-processed… A journey full of transformation and an “un-becoming” of the person that trauma, neglect, and criticism made me believe that I was. Continue reading

Finding my center

I think I realized today that, though I am in another country, all of my baggage (both literal and figurative) arrived with me.

I am not sure what I expected… Part of me believed that I would arrive and feel like a completely different person. After all, I am in a completely different country, a completely different environment, and immersed in a completely different language. Continue reading

Mother’s Day: The Double Edged Sword

Every year, there is this holiday that rolls around…I dread it.

My social media feeds are clogged with pictures of smiling mothers and daughters, complete with odes all about how self-sacrificing and completely wonderful all mothers are, and how no one can love you the way your mother loves you.

These posts, every year, fill me with confusion.

They make me jealous, and angry, and sad, and wistful. Continue reading