The fire inside

There is a fire inside of me.

Sometimes, it burns boldly–bright and hot–a vivid sight to be seen.

Sometimes, the winds of life dim this fire.

What was once bold is now small–flickering–unsure of whether it should burn radiantly…or simply burn at all.

The embers glow hopefully, even long after the flames go out.

With a little love, a little extra care, those embers can be coerced into blazing once again.

A deep breath, movement, a little belief is all it would take…and that dim, smoldering flame could come roaring back–even stronger, warmer, and brighter than before.

Right now? Right now I am an ember. I have a choice…I can be extinguished. I can lose my warmth, my boldness–the flame within.

Or, I can rekindle the fire.

There is a fire inside of me. And I have a choice.

Let it burn or blow it out.

…And really, because I know its brightness, its warmth and persistence…there is no choice at all.

Someday, I will burn brightly again.

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