What stands in my way?

Healing is a constant journey–one that has felt anything but easy for me.

Since the middle of January, I have been struggling. Anytime I struggle, I get filled with frustration, shame, embarrassment, and anger–at myself.

Over and over and over again, I have asked myself: Why is it so hard to let some of this go? Why am I so stuck in this struggle?

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Digging Deep

What a weekend it has been.

…I felt like I was barely going to make it. The sense of loneliness, the sadness, the anxiety, and the injustice hit me like a train Thursday and Friday, and assaulted my senses. I couldn’t shake it off. I needed to vent it–find support, in the way wanted it–before I exploded all over the place.

The problem? I couldn’t find the support. I tried, in my way. But it didn’t happen. I started drowning. Continue reading