The endless struggle

The weekend was a struggle. A lot of feelings. A lot of emotions. A lot of fear and pain and desperation.

I made a point not to isolate. I met with some friends, people who care about me. I shared.

I still hurt. Especially at home, between the hours of 7pm and 10pm.

Last night, I needed to talk. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to. I felt so frustrated. So worthless. SO needy.

And, because of that, in the middle of the night, so anxious.  Continue reading


I had an EMDR session scheduled yesterday. As I drove to the appointment, I could feel my anxiety mounting, getting higher and higher. I took deep breaths and tried to talk to myself logically–it will be okay.

In my head, I had practiced discussing my triggers with my therapist. But saying the words–connecting the dots–out loud, feels so much harder.

It embarrasses me to say the words aloud. It is as if all this pain that I am feeling seems petty when the words are out there. And yet, until the words are out there, there is no relief. Continue reading

Digging out of the hole

Digging out of the hole is a hard thing to do once I’ve fallen back in. I can look up and see the brightness and, sometimes, I can even make it to the top.

But, frustratingly, I find myself back at the bottom quite easily. When I am in the hole, lots of thoughts become truths–thoughts such as:

I am so annoying. 

I am too needy. Too clingy.

Nobody really wants to be around me anyway. 

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I am so afraid of being left.

By friends. By my spouse. By family. By my therapist.

I’ve often reflected on my own upbringing and marveled at how trusting and loyal I am. I questioned, How is it that, despite how deeply I’ve been hurt by others, I am so willing to give anyone a chance? Why do I not guard my heart more closely?

It has to do with relationships. Continue reading


February is always the time of year where I began to feel depressed and isolated. It is like clockwork.

This year, it is pronounced.

Currently, I am so very busy. I’m at work by 7:15 am, if not earlier, and I love what I do. I get along with everyone I work with. I loooove my students and all their sweet little hugs.

But, I have no connections. Continue reading

Filling in the blanks

I’ve been staring at a blank writing space for 20 minutes. I have the desire to let the words leave my fingers and grace the screen, but the inside of my brain is swirling and unable to settle on the right subject.

What is it that I need to say? How do I fill in the blanks? I write here, most often, when I am hurting and in pain. Writing is my outlet–one of the most powerful ways I have of expressing myself and saying the things that I, oftentimes, did not even realize until they popped up on the screen.

Today…today was awful.  Continue reading