Goodbye 2016!

….and hello 2017.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2016.

It is also the first day of my 30s.

Not only do I get to welcome in a new year, I also get to welcome in a new decade!

I am ready for 2016 to end. 2016 has been a very, very hard year.

-It was the year when anxiety and depression became too much to deal with on my own. Where, at times, panic was so debilitating I had trouble getting off the couch.

-It was the year I started counseling. The year where I voiced so many fears, faced so much darkness and trauma, and realized how much growing I had to do.

-It was also a year of hotly contested politics, ending in an election that, in my heart, has me scared for our country, our women, and our minorities.

The good thing about 2016? It forced me to grow.

I am so looking forward to age 30. To 2017.

-In 2017, I plan to finish my schooling. Get the job I’ve been wishing for for the last 3 years.

-I plan travel…as much as I can.

-I plan to continue with self-care–through running, nurturing important friendships, counseling, mindfulness, and meeting my spiritual needs.

It is funny…30 is often seen as a pivotal age. Older, wiser, the big Three-Oh. 

But to me, 30 will represent the year that I finally started living. 

The year I became ME. 

At this point, I am healthier than I’ve ever been–physically and mentally.

…I am so looking forward to this new year.

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