Burning Bridge

I am a giving person. I tend to avoid confrontation and try to not make waves. I grin and bear it.

As I have been working hard on myself, though, I have started to realize and feel frustrated about something: 

Every time I begin to feel better and make gains, something happens that seems to set me back and subtract from my progress.

Or, perhaps I shouldn’t say something…perhaps I should say someONE (or, really, two specific people).

[I acknowledge that some of the power that these people hold over me is a direct result of my boundaries–of me, allowing them to set me back.]

Growing up, I was always warned about burning bridges. One of my mom’s favorite sayings was, “Pick your battles wisely–you don’t want to burn a bridge you might need to cross one day.” (Usually, she was warning ME not to cross her).

The thing is, I am realizing that not only can I burn bridges–other people can burn MY bridge, too.

And, after being pushed and bullied for years and years, I am able to sit back and say:

My bridge is on fire.

And, you know what?

I really want to let that sucker burn all the way to the ground.

It isn’t my fault if it burns. I have given and given, apologized for existing, and stayed relatively quiet. I HAVE VALUE. They can’t see or appreciate that.


I am feeling done.

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