Ever heard of ’em?

I had..sort of. In the “Man, that lady has no boundaries,” after she nosed herself in my business, kind of way. Lack of boundaries–as I saw them BEFORE therapy–were seen as a lack of tact, a lack of filter, that sort of thing. And, while this is not necessarily wrong, I have been learning that there is a lot more to this subject than that. Continue reading


Feeling stuck

Sometimes, it is easy to take a look around at all of the work I have been doing in therapy and at home and just feel very overwhelmed. When I started counseling, I had a mental list of the things I thought I wanted to work on–anxiety, confidence, lack of purpose, marriage, etc.

maxresdefaultI have been working on those things–BUT, I have also been working on lots of things from my past and my childhood. For me, this has begun to get really hard. Some days, I sit back and just think, “Oh my gosh…EVERYTHING feels broken right now!” Continue reading